Monday, December 04, 2006

The odd draw

Hello everyone and welcome to my odd draw, It's a place I keep all my odd pictures that would normally be thrown away or lost. By keeping them all in one place, I'm hoping they will act as a type of portfolio for my illustration work, which I am hoping to venture into in the future. I'm an animator by trade and so getting people to laugh through my pictures has always ranked high for me, I hope there will be some in the odd draw to make you smile at least.

These love struck Bull finches were drawn for a birthday card.


TMabry said...

I viewed your profile and the peaces you have written with youur pictures and I love what you have done

Kes said...

Hi...I love your cat pics, flower pics and your drawings. I especially liked the love birds.

I am hooking you up to my blog.

TMabry said...

Okk thanks and I'll add you to my blog ;-)