Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring is finally here!

There's something really rewarding about planting something and watching it grow. These tiny Daffodils were planted last year and along with the bluebells are a welcome sight in the early days of Spring.

Death from above

Hugh likes nothing more on a nice day like this, than climbing up to head level in the tree and trying to bat you on the head with his claws. A close photo like this one does carry its own set of risks to the taker.
Luckily for me the neighbours dog diverts the killer Mink long enough for me to get out of harms way.


The sound of fat, rolling fish catches Maisey's attention and warrants a closer examination.
Being a rescue cat, her hunting instincts were well and truly honed by the time I got her. Unfortunately for me, she taught them all to Hugh, who now brings in at least a mouse a day.

Maisey under the Macro zoom.

Jess under the Macro lens