Sunday, September 16, 2007

The hidden Tortie

Jess hides to show that even naughty Torties can blend into their surroundings with purrfect camouflage.
Oh there she is........thank god.

The early morning sun trap

Tiny, shy Jess is caught on camera as she soaks up the early morning sunshine.

Whereas big Maisey hasn't a care in the world and just wallows in it, stretching out on the warm slates.

One sunny morning in a tiny garden

My love for all things Roman has spilled out into my garden, so when I saw these two little Olive trees going for a steal, I had to bag'em. These pots hanging on the fence catch the sun all day and nothing could grow in the intense heat, Until I had the idea of planting some Alpines in them. Alpines love the dry sunny conditions and they thrived. I mixed the soil with sand to give better drainage, this was back in the summer and they're still going great guns. I love the way the pots are turning green with algae. Hugh, the magical talking witches cat, finally puts the last stone block into place on his new improved stone pentagram. What he intends to use it for, he won't say. I have a pretty good idea though after the last one.