Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roman pictures

Here are a couple of Roman illustrations I drew for a game I designed. Most of the illustrations for the game are quick pen or pencil sketches, but with these two I had alittle more time and so coloured them in Photoshop.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Old Birthday cards

Here are a couple of old Birthday cards I've had stuck on the fridge for years (hence their condition). The first was for a friends baby boy who was one at the time and because of her love of badgers, It could be nothing else. The way things are going I might have to change the name of this Blog to The cute draw or something more fitting.

This old guy is the Shackman and I designed him for a TV series pilot show, which in the end was never comissioned. This card was drawn for the guy who worked on the pilot with me and who had a passion for canoing. Here the shackman has destroyed his beloved shack and beaten it into a canoe.

Maisy, the biggest cat in the world

Well this is the odd draw and it's possible to find just about any thing in here...including huge cats. On trolling through the computer looking for old illustrations, I came across this picture and being a sucker for cats, I had to put it on the site. Maisy seen here enjoying the winter sun. She spent eight months on the streets before I adopted her, but that still doesn't explain her giant size.

The odd draw

Hello everyone and welcome to my odd draw, It's a place I keep all my odd pictures that would normally be thrown away or lost. By keeping them all in one place, I'm hoping they will act as a type of portfolio for my illustration work, which I am hoping to venture into in the future. I'm an animator by trade and so getting people to laugh through my pictures has always ranked high for me, I hope there will be some in the odd draw to make you smile at least.

These love struck Bull finches were drawn for a birthday card.