Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, more cat photo's

Here Maisy searches the white tundra for any signs of her black nemesis. Hugh on the other hand, has learnt his strengths and stays out of the white stuff and sticks to the shadows. It works every time.

Winter Camouflage!

This is Hugh's second winter and to my surprise, he loved the snow, digging around in it and chasing snowballs, he had a great time. Oh yes...and tasting it of course..well why not.

Maisy the snow cat.

Here are some great pictures of the cats after it had snowed for three days in Feb, Global warming you say...who knows, but yes quite. Anyway, here she is taking in the new surrounding for the first time, unaware of the evil green eyes, watching her from the shadows.
Rule number one about having an evil step-brother cat, never turn your back on him especially when it has just snowed. She soon paid for her mistake!